Brother, Brother

Brother, Brother

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Roaring Brook Press July 2013
Language Arts Curriculum

Billy “Brother” Grace wakes one morning to find his grandmother Mem had passed away. In her hand there is a newspaper open to a picture of a boy who looks just like him. Upon reading the article he learns that he has an identical twin brother who just happens to be the son of a wealthy, powerful and corrupt Senator who is up for re-election. Mem never shared much about his family to him. He was told his mother was killed in a car accident when he was very young and that she didn't know who his father was. Now he sees that he has a twin and with help from family friends he is able to start his journey to find the rest of his family. But that means taking with him Trooper his dog and his friend Cole’s 5 year-old brother Jack. On the way they meet a girl named Kit who ends up being a life saver when their truck breaks down and they have nowhere to go. With Kit’s help they reach Eden the island sanctuary where the senator’s family goes to get away but not without causing a lot of commotion and outrage as people see Brother and mistake him for his twin Gabe who almost died from an overdose and is supposedto be at drug re-hab. When Gabe is brought back to the island Brother is finally able to meet his family but not without drama coming from every direction. Will Brother want the luxuries of the life the senator can provide or will he find a quieter more dignified way to live? 314 pages Ages 14 and up 9781596437432

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