Bring Me a Rock


Rehally astride his royal gray rock a grasshopper king directs a long look over his loyal insect subjects and commands them to "Bring me a rock.  The bigger the better."  Fear, anxiety and worry fill the air and the mandibles of the earnest little crunchy bug bodies.  With a sense of foreboding each bug disappears to search for the perfect rock to bring before the king.  

Bug after bug approaches with her best rock offering.  Some are accepted and some are regally declined until an unfortunate smallish bug creeps forward with the best he could do and is rewarded with disdain and humiliation.  

This is a classic story of the power and value of every single one of us no matter our size, shape, color, age or gender.  We matter.  We have something to give that makes it all work.  Our specialness lies in our uniqueness.  We're each an important part of the puzzle and we need to remember to treat each other that way.  

Can this little bug find his/her sense of bug self and recover?  Will she or he simply slip away to hide?  Or will there be that very special moment when things don't go as planned and the unexpected hero saves the day?  

Sweet story with a charming crew of insects doing their best and finding their way to the land of fairness and equality.

978-1481446020  Ages  4-8  40 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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