Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

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Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

Gianna Zales struggles to get things done on time. The most important deadline in her life right now is the one for getting her leaf project done for her science class. If Gianna or Gee as her best friend calls her doesn't get the project done on time, she'll be ineligible to run in the cross country sectionals. But, there is another girl, Bianca of the sequined tee shirts and snobby attitude, who is determined to take Gee's place in the race. Life is constantly getting in Gee's way. Her beloved Nonna is becoming forgetful and it may be Alzheimer's. Her parents seem to be trying to pretend they don't see. Gee's friend Zig is tremendously organized and also is developing a crush on her. It's important to Gee to win the place on the team but it's also important to her to be true to herself. Gianna is a refreshingly imperfect girl who develops her sense of self as she finds her way through the challenges to herself and to her family.

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