Breathe Annie Breathe

Breathe Annie Breathe

Annie Winters is probably the last girl you’d expect to see training for a marathon (she hates running, for one thing), but she has her reasons.

Reason one: She’s running away from her past.

Reason two: Her past includes her beloved boyfriend Kyle dying before he could achieve his dream of completing a marathon.

Reason three: She might be the reason he’s dead.

With high school coming to a close and a new start at college on the horizon, Annie is just trying to get by. School, work, run. School, work, run. Breathe, Annie, breathe. That’s her plan, and she’s sticking to it until a very cute and very determined distraction named Jeremiah enters her life. He’s her running coach’s reckless adrenaline-junkie little brother, and she can’t get him to leave her alone. Soon, of course, she finds that she might not really want him to leave her alone.

As Annie begins her freshman year, she has a lot of decisions to make. Is she ready to start dating again so soon after losing Kyle? Can she forgive herself for what happened to him? Will she be able to push herself hard enough to finish the marathon in his honor?

Miranda Kenneally is a master of realistic sports fiction, and this might be her best book yet. Mature readers will cheer as Annie runs a little bit further every chapter, and they’ll swoon over her budding romance with Jeremiah. Fans of her other works in the Hundred Oaks series will enjoy seeing some familiar characters pop up throughout and will no doubt look forward to the next installment.

320 pages   Ages  14 and up   978-1402284799

Read alikes:  Chasing Jordan, Things I Can't Forget, Dairy Queens

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA.

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