Breath of Eyre


Emma Townsend lives her life in the stories she reads and creates to fill a void in her life. She doesn’t fit in at the elite prep school she attends, her step-mother doesn’t replace the emptiness she feels from losing her mother and the romance in her life is from a crush she has on Gray Newman, a boy way out of her social class. Emma received a copy of Jane Eyre for her 16th birthday and decides to use it for one of her papers at school. She feels like she can relate to the isolation that Jane feels. Then one night during a freak lightning storm she finds herself waking up at Thornfield and living the life of Jane. As she travels back and forth between her two worlds she slowly finds the answers to the mysteries of her past and future. But are they going to allow her to find the happiness she is seeking? 342 pages, ISBN:9780758269485, Ages 11-13 14+, Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Media Generalist, Aberdeen, ID

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