His eyes, his smile, his touch.  Mary Howard yearns for moments together with this man.  She wonders what his kiss will feel like and what their love will become.  This very special man, Fitzroy, the man she has married at the age of fourteen.

But in the court of Henry VIII Mary and Fitz are not permitted to consummate their marriage.  They are deemed too young.  The king's brother died of such a situation and no one else may take the risk.  

So Mary and Fitz are kept apart until slowly they choose to steal moments together and the kisses begin.

Surrounded by the intrigue of the court and the unraveling relationship of Queen Anne Boleyn and her husband, King Henry VIII, romances and infidelity flourish as power is wielded, won and lost by day and by night.

Sexual tension builds between Mary and Fitz.  Tension builds in the court as Anne Boleyn's life begins to lose its value and her King seeks his satisfaction with another woman.

This is the story of Mary Howard who begins as a struggling, stumbling young woman out of her depth and controlled by her father's wishes and directives.  Slowly, she finds her strength and her passion.

Ages 14 and up (sexual situations)   978-0670014019   420 pages

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