Brave Charlotte and the Wolves

Brave Charlotte and the Wolves

Brave Charlotte is a sheep who is different. She loves to climb to high places. Having great courage and sense of adventure leads her to dare to do things that other sheep might fear to try. It also leads her to accomplish heroic deeds.

Now, there is a group of young sheep in her neighborhood who like to call themselves The Wolves and who like to cause trouble. They like to scare the young sheep and make fun of the old herding dog, Jack. They don't think too much of Charlotte either. Then, one night, the howl of a real wolf is heard and fear takes charge. Charlotte, being Charlotte, heads off into the dark night to find out what's going on out there. She finds the big, bad wolf...only he's a puppy, named Mimi. This lost pup with a big voice gives Charlotte a great idea.....maybe THE WOLVES should meet the wolves.

Recommended by:  Barb

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