Boxes for Katje

Boxes for Katje

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003
Social Studies Curriculum

At the end of World War II a little girl and her family in Holland are going without many things we take for granted. They don't have soap or milk or sugar. then a box arrives addressed to katje and it's coming from a girl in America named Rosie. Another box arrives and then in the midst of a cold, stark winter a third wonderful box arrives filled with all sorts of magical gifts. There is canned meat and milk and chocolate bars and soap. There are even some mittens and scarves to keep them warm. Best of all there is a letter in the bottom of the box. Then everyone in the town wants to send a gift in return. What could they mail box to America, the land of plenty? This is a perfect historical fiction picture book about sharing and letter writing and it's multicultural to boot. Ages 6-9 40 pages

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this book was really great it warmed my heart my teacher read it when i was in 3d grade i loved this book i am going to by it to give to my sister
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