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Science Fiction
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David Fickling Books 2009
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Bored? Looking for adventure? Here's your book! Jimbo's life is not exactly scintillating when first we meet. An English lad, he's surrounded by the bleakness of his father who has lost his job and is dressing up to be in a robe, his sister who is lip-locked with her motorcycle-riding punk boyfriend and his buttoned up mom who isn't too keen on her husband's slothfulness but is willing to hit the aforementioned boyfriend over the head with her briefcase when he threatens the life of Jimbo who is holed up in a bathroom for safety. Into this dull routine comes Jimbo's best friend, Charlie, who has a plan. He and Jimbo are going to "bug" the teacher's lounge to overhear conversations that might reveal any plans regarding Jimbo's future.

What they get instead is a couple of teachers speaking a foreign language. It's not your average language and the two boys decide to do a little detective work to find out what the heck is going on here. The action is about to begin. Think coffee shop with man cutting table in half with blue light right before Jimbo and Charlie's eyes. How does he do that? Who are these people? Hilarious and action packed the story is told through Jimbo's eyes and wimpiness. The plot thickens when Charlie disappears and Jimbo and his sister escape on the boyfriend's cycle. It's a wild ride with she of the eyeliner and leather and he of the feeling that life has him by the tail and is about to throw him into a loch. Perfect read for kids who hate to read. Just get past that first chapter and let the fun begin.

195 pages Ages 10 and up

Recommended by:  Barb


Jim and Charlie are best friends who spend their days trying to survive school and their completely crazy families.Charlie is the daring one, the one with all the ideas.Jim just wants to fit in and stay out of trouble.While spying on two of their teachers the boys hear them speaking in a strange, hilarious, and unidentifiable language.Further investigation turns up even stranger behavior, secret messages in that same strange language, and bizarre gadgets.Could their teachers be aliens? 208 pages Ages 9-13

Recommended by : Steven Nabinger, Librarian


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