Boom Snot Twitty

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Boom Snot Twitty




Three unlikely friends,

and three different ways

of being in the world.

This simplest of stories

is a fable for life.--from the publisher

40 pages          978-0670785759        Ages 3-5

Sequel is:  Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way by Doreen Cronin


Three friends, a bear, a bird and a snail are unlikely friends.  It's wonderful to see how three pals, each so different from the other, share a warm and comfortable friendship with each other.  Their day begins under a tree and takes the three of them to ride the wind, to ride a storm and to decorate a tree with yarn.  Each character navigates the adventures from a different point of view but their differences, their diversity make every moment that much better for all of them.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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