Boom Bah!

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Boom Bah!

"Ting!" A simple sound and the mystery and fun and joy are off and running! On the countertop of a flower decked kitchen counter, a mouse has just struck the first note using a spoon on a china cup sitting in the dish drainer. The ting that resounds in an otherwise silent home is a call to other animals one by one who come to claim their own instrument, their own sound and their own place in the parade. As the cat takes up the mouse's spoon and uses it on a cat food can, there is a responding "Tong!" Then, "Shhhhh..." and everyone joins in. The pig with two lids, the hen, the goat, and as they march even more animals join in the joy of making music. Now they're dancing, "Bing Bong." As they march along they are met with another band of animals making their own music and dressed in the official red uniforms of a marching band. The hush, the fun of doing something perhaps forbidden, and the great excitement of all the animals playing together reaches a crescendo and we're invited to join in with song. "All together now....." What a great read aloud for toddlers and preschoolers. 32 pages Ages 2-5

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