Books of Bayern: River Secrets

Books of Bayern:  River Secrets

Delightfully, the Books of Bayern continue. In this tale Razo has been selected as one of Bayern's Own, a great honor. The soldiers of Bayern's Own are to accompany the ambassador to Ingridan to promote peace between the two kingdoms. Razo is filled with self-doubt and cannot understand why he has been chosen to be part of this elite group. He struggles in duels and suffers one humiliation after another until Talone helps Razo to see the great value of his unique gifts. Razo is a very loveable character and you suffer right along with him until he begins to find himself. Meanwhile, burned bodies are beginning to appear throughout the city and it looks as though Enna may have lost control of her power without knowing it. One more burned body just might be the spark that destroys the fragile peace. Razo's gifts may be the only hope of discovering who is behind this treachery.

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