Books of Bayern: Goose Girl

Books of Bayern:  Goose Girl

Ani is a princess blessed with the gift of nature-speaking. Born to a queen who has the power of people-speaking, Ani spends her early years in the care of her aunt who nurtures and guides Ani's spirit. But, Ani soon finds herself bewildered and shy in the shadow of her beautiful, persuasive mother. As Ani grows up, she is given a lady in waiting, Selia, who appears to be a devoted friend but when Ani's nature-speaking reveals itself, the queen decides Ani is not capable of being heiress to the throne and sends her off to marry a prince of a neighboring land. Ani cannot find her own voice. She cannot stand up for herself. She journeys to Bayern to meet her prince and along the way, traitors, led by the devious Selia, overpower the guard and take Selia on to Bayern to be proclaimed as the true princess. Thus, Ani's journey to find herself and her destiny begins.

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