Books of Bayern: Forest Born

Books of Bayern:  Forest Born

This is the fourth of the Books of Bayern. Meet Rinna girl, Razo's younger sister who is gifted with a power that has made her want to run from herself. Rinna has people-speaking and she finds it early in life and feels very ashamed of what she can do. She is struggling with being herself and accepting herself with this gift. Rinna follows the powerfully gifted Dashti, Ani and Enna as they journey to find a fire-speaker who is responsible for burning villages and who set upon King Geric and his men. These three sheroes are teaming up to use their matured powers together. It's an amazing feeling to be a woman and read about the strength of these three. Rinna is setting out on her journey as well and will first try to be everyone else before finally coming to terms with the magic of herself. Sigh. Another great read from the thoughtful and inspiring Shannon Hale.

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