Book That Eats People

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Book That Eats People

If you know a child who hates to be read to, go get him/her right now. You have found THE BOOK that will make him/her laugh and think again about the whole reading thing. This is the book that eats people. They warn you right off the bat that you aren't safe. Then, they tell the story of Sammy Ruskin, who "forgot to wash his hands after lunch, and the book tasted peanut butter on his fingers." I hate to even tell you what happened next. But let's just say the book, "coughed up his bones and they clattered across the floor like wood blocks.' Clearly, it was ugly. The menu goes on. They eventually lock this book in a jail cell "where it ate Chuck Anderson, who deserved it." It's just hilarious and great fun as the book-clearly an enemy to us all- finally gets his comeuppance. Don't miss this one!

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