Bones Skeletons and How They Work

bones steve jenkins

If I showed you a picture of a bone, do you think you could tell me who it belonged to and where exactly it would fit into the whole skeleton? You just might be able to do that after taking a look at and a read through this brilliantly organized and illustrated book on bones. The skull on the cover will attract a certain sort of reader but just as all of our bones fit together nicely, this book unfolds figuratively and literally, to show us how some bones support others and then how they fit together to protect us and help us move about. Using dark backgrounds to help the beige bones stand out clearly, you get a chance to compare our arm bone with that of a turtle or a spider monkey or maybe a gray whale. You get the scale of the bones too so you know that the thigh bone you are looking at is four times that size in real life. It ends with "some assembly required" displaying all 206 of the bones in a human body laid out as though it's a model waiting for you to put the pieces where they belong. It's fun and imaginative and beautifully displayed with several gatefolds promising wonderful surprises. By the way, what do the Eiffel Tower and a human bone have in common? 48 pages Ages 7-12

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