Danny first has a feeling that he's experienced something strange when he's walking home on a cold, snowy night in Canada. He's pretty sure it was a large animal. But, what kind of an animal? Danny and his Dad live a solitary, bachelor life since Mom died. They're both grieving her loss but not sharing their grief with each other.

Danny and his friends are about to find themselves up against something they've never could have imagined. Teens are dying. Something is taking them. What is it and how can they convince the authorities that it's really out there? Working together, Danny, Ash,  Danny's friend, Howie, and his brother, Pike, try to understand and prove that there is a supernatural beast in the neighborhood and no teen is safe. The tension and suspense will keep you turning the pages. Ash is fighting her own battles, literally and figuratively and she and Danny have a sort of animal magnetism for each other that fits right in to their gritty world. Edge of your seat and well done.

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Actually Howie and Pike are brothers. Ash and Pike had no blood relation in the book.
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