Bone From a Dry Sea

Bone From a Dry Sea

When a team of anthropologists finds a dolphin's scapula on a dig in Africa, the lives of two girls separated in time by millions of years will connect.

This is the story of these two girls' lives. One is Vinnie who lives in our time, eleven years old, and out on a dig with her anthropologist father. She finds herself caught in a tangle of her father and the man who leads the expedition - egos running amok.

Two million years before Vinnie treads the Earth, eleven year old Li was there in the same place in Africa. Her world was a primitive world dominated by males as well. Li is a gifted inventor who loves to raise the quality of life of her people through improving tools and finding better ways of doing things.

The presence of a pod of dolphins will ultimately create a bridge from one girl's world to the other.

The underlying theme is a postulate of a possible evolutionary path and the force of female energy in the world.

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