Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain

Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain

by Dave Keane and illus by David Clark

If you know a young fellow who is always on the move and thinking up exciting adventures, this is just the book for you. Bobby Bramble's entire family has warned him to be careful or he'll end up cracking his head open and losing his brain. But our friend Bobby just has a zeal for life and isn't about to be stopped. One day, his brain does crack open and the brain hops out and runs off. Now the police, the mailman, a local fisherman and even the neighboring gardeners are on the look out. Where can it be? Will the wanted posters help to find it, no questions asked? Without his brain, Bobby is speaking without thinking. The chase begins and it's a classic case of "brain vs. brawn." This is one of those books that plenty of children, boy or girl, will find absolutely delightful.

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