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Bob Books, Set One (Beginning Readers)

Bob Books, Set One (Beginning Readers)
The Bob Books series were created by an early education teacher in response to a lack of materials available for her students that were just beginning to read. Set one is designed for children who may recognize the alphabet and the sounds their letters make. Simple black and white illustrations and single color accents do not distract from the heart of the work, which is its basic story. Set one introduces children to new vocabulary words on the first page, by including a picture of the term along with the text, gradually bringing in each letter of the alphabet until children have discovered nearly all, except "Q". Each title on the set builds on a child's phonic awareness and reading comprehension, so that by the end even the most basic of readers will be able to declare proudly that they have finished an entire book. These are the books I go to first when I am working with a parent of a brand new reader. They're so simple and give kids a great sense of "Hey, I can do this," in those first days of reading. Feeling that sense of mastery is SO important. Submitted by J.R.S.

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