Blue Potatoes, Orange Tomatoes

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Blue Potatoes, Orange Tomatoes

This charming, informative book published by the Sierra Club is a great tool for starting a garden with young children. What better way to tantalize them than to teach them to grow vegetables that will look like a rainbow. We begin with a list of the names and addresses of reputable seed companies that can mail us our seed. Then, we need to prepare the bed of soil for the seeds and it's important to know which plants prefer a mound and which prefer a row. We can even start out plants indoors using milk cartons for the planters. Now for the good stuff....the information continues with recommendations for cultivars of unique potatoes and tomatoes to make your garden a true rainbow. If you've seen the dvd of Food Inc., you will know the value of teachiing your young ones to grow their own. This book can make a difference. Ages 4-11 40 pages

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