Bloodline Rising

Bloodline Rising
What if you could control what people said or even will people not to see you?
For thirteen year old Cai, these talents set him apart and with the death of his sister and
the absence of his larger than life father, Cai turns to the streets of Constantinople. On
the streets he is known as the ghost, one who has a talent to not be seen. Finding no
theft impossible, including spying on the Emperor, Cai unwittingly brings danger to his
family. With his father return, suspicion is turned upon Cai’s family and before Cai can
warn his family he is caught, sold into slavery and taken to the British Isles, the land of
his parents. Yet questions abound for Cai. What connections do his parents have with
the ruler of Great Britian and why did they leave? Why is Cai now held as a hostage in
the most powerful family in the British Isles as they prepare for war? Cai continues to
grow in his talents of hypnosis and ability to disappear from other’s notice but what does
the future hold for him? Set in post Roman occupied British Isles, this riveting novel
accurately depicts the life and hardships of a land that is coming into its own. It is a
companion novel to Bloodline but this action packed story stands on its own as the voice
of Cai carries the reader through action, danger, self-discovery, and rites of passage.
This book can be recommended without hesitation to either boys or girls who seek
an action novel, set in a historical past that is also driven by the strength of the main
character. The character is complex yet believable, exemplifying the inner doubts
and exterior emotional actions of a young teenager who must survive in a hostile
environment. Of particular note, this novel entertains without the need to rely on some of
the more edgy topics, such as drugs, sex, and more.

Reviewed by Christine J. Rayl, Librarian Texas

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