Ever wish your family could do something magical?  Meet the Bliss family...owners of the Bliss Cookery Booke.

"Rose, I know what it's like to feel that everyone else outshines you, like you need to scream for their attention....and sometimes when you're trying to be extraordinary you go too far.  Do you know what I mean?"  

Rose, her two brothers Ty and Sage and their little sister, Leigh, have been holding down the fort while their parents have been away.  Holding down this fort means running the family bakery and keeping the secret of the magical cookbook, the Bliss Cookery Book,  which the family has owned for generations.

Funny how Aunt Lily rolled up on her motorcycle with her glamourous, perfect self practically the minute mother and father left.  Strange how Aunt Lily seems to try to cast a magcial spell on all the people who might get in her way.  But get in the way of what?  Who is Aunt Lily?  Can she be trusted with the family secrets?  

Rose sees this week as her chance to shine and to show her mother and father at long last that she is special.  That means guarding the magical key around her neck and being sure no one gets their hands on it.  That also seems to mean unfortunately whipping up some Cookies of Truth  not to mention the Love Muffins with a few of the family's closely guarded magical ingredients and although done with good intentions, driving a lovesick bachelor shimmy up the town"s Eiffel Tower to declare his love and sending every girl in town to the  family front lawn in search of a glimpse of Ty. Ty has become a "rock star" and one look at him can drop a girl in a dead faint.

How much magic will it take for Rose to undo the mess she's made?  How much make up can nudge her family into noticing how special she is?  How safe is the family secret with Aunt Lily in the house?

A twist of mystery, a pinch of good looking brother, and a pint of wishing one could be more whisk together a quickly paced story filled with magical realism.  The universal and heartfelt dream to be seen is the powerful ingredient that holds all the shenanigans in place.  Fun, funny, poignant and enough suspense to keep the pages turning.

978-0062084231    Ages  9-13    374 pages  

Sequels are:  A Dash of Magic and Bite-Sized Magic

Recommended by:  Barb


All Rosemary Bliss wants is to be a magical baker like her parents. I mean what else could she be? She’s not handsome like her older brother, Ty. She’s not funny like her younger brother, Sage. She’s not adorable like her baby sister, Leigh. Rose loves being in the kitchen. Unfortunately, her parents, Purdy and Albert Bliss, limit her to getting groceries and baking normal-non-magical food.

But when Albert and Purdy go away to help people in another town, Rose finally gets her chance. But before she can do anything, a woman on a motorcycle turns up. It’s Aunt Lily! Aunt Lily seems to be perfect but Rose suspects something about her. Has she come for the Cookery Book? Or is Rose just paranoid? You’ll have to read to find out.


By: Addison B.

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