Blimpo: The Third Circle of Heck

Blimpo:  The Third Circle of Heck

This third installment in the Heck series finds Milton Fauster hidden among the PODs, (Phantoms of the Dispossessed), those souls who don't fit into any of the Powers that Be Good or Evil's realms. The PODs wander the circles of Heck for eternity and, at the moment, they are lending the returning boy a hand. After a daring escape from Principal Bea Elsa Bubb in Rapacia, Milton is on his way to Blimpo to rescue his friend Virgil. Meanwhile, Marlo settles into her "infernship" with Madam Pompadour, a wickedly garish fashionista who's teaching methods leave quite a bit to be desired. Her new magazine will revolutionize Heck... and give her power over those that inhabit it. Along with Lady Lactose and the other demons in charge of Blimpo, she is attempting to utilize a new power source to dastardly proportions. Virgil, for his part, is enjoying his stay in Blimpo, thanks to the new lunch menu. He can even tolerate Dr. Kellogg's daily torturous workout regiment on the DREAD-mills because the new chef prepares them such a "soulful" meal afterward. With all the tongue in cheek references to historical figures and a colorful array of new (and old) characters, expect Blimpo to be an interesting romp through the next level in Heck. 464 page

Editor's note: Please note that the content becomes a bit more mature in these later additions to the series.

Recommended by Jamequa Summerall, Librarian.

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