Black Folktales

black folktales julius lester

Twelve remarkable folktales, culled from the black experience in Africa and America, are freshly retold in the thoroughly original voice of Julius Lester. Arranged by topic — Origins, Love, Heroes, and People — the tales combine universal themes and uncanny wisdom. Though some of these stories have been around for centuries and many were passed down by slaves, Julius Lester's urban expressiveness and Tom Feeling's spirited illustrations give them continued resonance for today's audience.---from the publisher

110 pages                                978-0802132420                       Ages 10-14

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Twelve tales of African and Afro-American origin include "How God Made the Butterflies," "The Girl With the Large Eyes," "Stagolee," and "People Who Could Fly."---from the publisher


"Though folktales are usually meant for children, these stories are not really aimed at the younger set. In "The Old Man Who Wouldn't Take Advice," an elderly man recently wed to a very young woman loses his, ahem, "mojo." (These were the days before little blue pills, and the miraculously curative power of separate bathtubs at sunset.)"- from Melki on Goodreads

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