Girl of Fire and Thorns, Book 3: Bitter Kingdom

Girl of Fire and Thorns, Book 3:  Bitter Kingdom

Seventeen year old Elisa has come into her own and stands strong as a leader even in these dark and difficult times.  She and her small band of faithfuls are trailing the enemy intent on taking back Hector.  He is beaten and barely alive but still has enough wits about him to do his enemy harm and create a plan for escape.

 Unrequited romance smolders as the devoted and ingenious troop gets closer and closer to their final destination.  No man leads the way.  This is the world of a woman who time after time creates the plan that just might claim victory and overcome every obstacle.  

This compelling journey will hold you enthralled as the dark forces writhe and erupt at unexpected turns.  This is a world that exacts sacrifice and great sorrow.  This is a world that holds shattering powers waiting to be found and bartered.  

It is Elisa whose intelligence and creativity fill the void as the impossible rises against them time after time.  It is Elisa who holds the power of the Godstone.  It is Elisa who is in danger of being captured and tortured to save thousands of souls.

The swirling mists of power cloak every choice and trust is lost in the inevitable battles as kingdoms fight to continue their lines and to protect their people.  Where does the power wait? Who will find it and learn to harness it for goodness?

Swashbuckling, desperate, passionate and brimming with nobility and strength, this is the final book in the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy.  

Ages 14 and up  (sexuality, violence)  433 pages  9780062026545

Recommended by:  Barb

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