bird by angela johnson

Bird is determined and patient. So patient that she’s been hiding out behind a farmhouse for weeks waiting for Cecil. Bird misses her bedroom, her friends, and especially her mother. But more than that, she misses the feeling of family, and that means finding Cecil, the stepfather who abandoned them. But the longer Bird stays in Alabama, the less hidden she becomes.

She’s discovered by Ethan, a boy whose heart problems have kept him sheltered from kids his own age. And she’s discovered by Jay, a boy who is filled with a sadness that lightens whenever he spends time with Bird. Bird finds that her loneliness is starting to lighten too. And her feeling of family is changing. What will she do when she finally finds Cecil? And how will Bird’s, Jay’s, and Ethan’s hearts be mended?---from the publisher

144 pages                                978-0803728479                                Ages 9-13

Keywords:  African American, African American author, family, death and dying, loss, friends, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old

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