Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman

Bill the Boy Wonder:  The Secret Co-Creator of Batman

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's Superman! The first famous cartoon superhero burst onto the scene with an amazing reception and publishers knew they had discovered a gold mine.

A year later Vin Sullivan, "an editor at the company that would become DC Comics," told cartoonist Bob Kane that he needed another superhero by the end of the weekend. Bob Kane went to work on the project but in frustration he turned to his friend Bill Finger for help and ideas. Bill stepped in and made recommendations for Batman's image and vulnerability.

Bill Finger wrote the Bat-Man series but his name was not published on the comic books. In fact Bob Kane took credit for the Bat-Man series. This graphic novel reveals the truth about Bill Finger and his role in creating Bat-Man. It follows the chronology of Bill's life to the end and describes where Bill got his ideas and how he shaped Bat-Man's identity. It's a real who-dunnit! 40 pages Ages 7-10 978-1580892896

Recommended by: Barb


  How would you feel if you created one of the most famous of all comic book characters, but everyone thought someone else was his creator? It just doesn’t seem right, does it? Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Bill Finger, the creator of the character known as Batman. Bob Kane is credited as the creator, but he is the illustrator only. While the picture of Batman is so well known, it is the writing behind that illustration that truly brings the Dark Knight to life.

How did this happen? Marc Tyler Nobelman reports on the anonymity into which Bill Finger fell while actually being the one to write the stories, breathing life into this super hero. Comic books were a fairly new type of literature at the time Batman was being created; therefore, there wasn’t much history about how writers and illustrators should share credit for their work. The illustrator Bob Kane convinced Bill Finger to write the stories about Batman without receiving any credit and also without receiving as much money as was going to Bob.

Nobleman’s book attempts to right a wrong and bring proper credit to Bill Finger as one of the two true creators of Batman. It took both the strong writing and
unique characterization by Bill Finger along with the amazing illustrations of Bob Kane for Batman to have become one of the most famous and beloved superheroes. Read this book and learn the real story of Batman’s origins.

Recommended by:  Kate Stehman, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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