Big Wolf and Little Wolf

Big Wolf and Little Wolf

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Enchanted Lion Books 2009 (originally published in France 2006)
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  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

Delicious from page one!

Normally when we meet a wolf in the story, all of our defenses go on high alert and we don't trust her/him instantly.  Something really bad must be about to happen. Not so with this wolf.  From the git-go our wolf is non-threatening.  His lonnnnng pointy nose, his skinny legs and his tummy side up posture give us the immediate reassurance that this wolf is different.  Makes you curious to see just how things are going to go.

So, turns out this is Big Wolf who has lived alone at the top of a hill for always. Then, change comes to the hill and to the wolf.  A dot appears on the horizon that turns out to be a smallish blue wolf.  At this point, most of us are going to be unconsciously wondering if this is a good thing or not.  We might even be tensing up a bit.  We might be worried that problems lurk here....unknown problems, unexpected problems...differences might appear that are irreconcilable.

Big Wolf has some of those same worries.  He worries that the new blue wolf might be bigger than he is.  Uh oh.  That could be bad news.  He could lose everything just by being the small wolf.

Got the gist?  Yes, this is about meeting someone new and worrying that they may take what you need and love.  That they might make you feel less.

Big Wolf proceeds slowly with this intruder sharing only a small bit of leaf for warmth, letting the small wolf share his tree a bit begrudgingly... you recognize the feelings perhaps.

What will happen with Big Wolf and Little Wolf?  Will they eventually fight each other?  Will one eat the other?  Will Little Wolf take everything Big Wolf has had for always?

This is a brilliant story about meeting someone new, perhaps a new student comes to the classroom or a new player joins the team.  Perhaps someone even immigrates to your neck of the woods speaking a different language, eating different food.... looking different and praying to a different deity.

Fantastic conversation starter about the feelings we have when someone new challenges what we have always done and how we have always done it.  Change,  Differences.  Acceptance.  Fear.  Where will our children choose to stand?

This book would be an excellent pairing with SHELTER by Celine Claire...also about sharing with strangers.

Gently illustrated, just looking at the wolves might tickle a funny bone or two and plenty thought-provoking.

32 pages     978-1592700844     Ages  4-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


A picture book that is unique in mood and tone about the friendship that develops between a solitary big wolf and a little wolf. It's about what happens when a solitary wolf becomes a lonely wolf. Named a 2010 Batchelder Honor Book for being an outstanding children's book translated from a foreign language and subsequently published in the United States


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