Big Snow


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Farrar Straus Giroux September 2013

"Deep  beneath the cover of another perfect wonder
Where  it's so white as snow"
--  Red Hot Chili Peppers
"'Mom,'  said David, 'do you think it will snow taller than the grass?'
"'I  think so,' said Mom.  'Why don't you help clean the bathrooms while
you  wait to find out.'
"So  David helped Mom clean.  He put on the big yellow gloves.  He sprayed
the cleaner.  He scrubbed with the heavy brush.
"But  then the suds, white and fluffy, made him think of snow.
"So  David decided to check the weather.
"The  flakes were lying, white and fluffy."
I  just love the comfort, the gentle mischievousness, and the wonder that
permeates BIG SNOW.  On the title page, David is standing in his  backyard,
hand grasping the string of his red sled, not a flake of snow yet in  sight.
 So he retreats to the house where his mother provides a  practical
activity (first, baking cookies; next, scrubbing the  bathroom; then, changing the
sheets) that helps him pass the time  until he remembers the arriving snow
storm, abandons the activity, and  races outside, yet again, to take measure
of the snow as it steadily covers his  world.
What  is really funny here in the storytelling is that the text plays it
straight,  giving us the impression that David is systematically and
efficiently holding up  his end of completing the household chores.  Meanwhile, the
illustrations  show us the real story -- that of David making one mess after
another which it  is to Mom to clean up when David heads outside for the
latest  update on the accumulating snow.  The story concludes happily when, at
dusk, Dad returns home from work and he and Mom take David out into the
now-knee-deep blanket of snow.
Or,  actually, the story ends on the copyright page, at the end of the
book, when the trio is sitting around the table with hot beverages and

32 pages   978-0-374-30696-0   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Richie  Partington, MLIS, Librarian, California USA

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