Big Chickens Fly the Coop

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Big Chickens Fly the Coop

Four big and slightly wacky chickens are snug in their chicken coop one day when they start talking about the possibility of a great adventure. They have always wanted to see the farmhouse. So off they set in search of the farmhouse with no idea of what it actually looks like. The first place they come upon might be a farmhouse except it has a tail and that's when a fierce bulldog comes charging out and scares the feathers right off the four chickens. Oh we should have stayed home they cackle. But on they go. The adventure or perhaps the misadventure continues with bright bold colors and lots of befuddled and fearful chicken eyes, chicken wings and chicken shoe-clad feet. Following wildly in the footsteps of Mr. Magoo and Amelia Bedelia this story is great to share aloud with a group of giggling preschoolers. Ages 4-7

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