Big Bad Bubble

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Is there anything more magical than bubbles?  Flying, floating, light as a feather, they drift about and we can catch them and watch them glisten and then we can pop them!  But, did you ever wonder where the bubbles go when they pop?

Turns out bubbles don't just disappear when they're victims of the big pop.  Nope. They drift into La La Land where the monsters live.  And you should see these monsters.  They are very toothy and ferocious fellows. I wouldn't trust any of them to play well with others.  These monsters are all terrified of shimmering bubbles.  In fact, Yerburt, Froofle, Wumpus are all the kinds of monsters that run their fastest when a bubble comes their way.  Wumpus even cries. 

Why would a monster be afraid of a teensy weensy floaty little shiny bubble you ask?  It's all Mogo's fault.  Herein lies the tale.

This is a wondrous mix of the scariness of monsters, the bliss of a bubble, and the hilarity of monsters who are greatly confused.  It's a special day when you can feel superior to large-fanged creatures.  That's the gift that awaits in this highly entertaining adventure in La La Land.

978-0544045491   40 pages  Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb,

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