Beverly BIllingsly Takes the Cake

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Beverly BIllingsly Takes the Cake

Beverly Billingsly's friend, Oliver, is having a birthday and Beverly has decided she will bake him a cake. It will be such an important moment in his party, "the grand finale." Beverly knows just which cake she's going to make for him too. It's the Caramel Candy Castle Cake. Looks a little complicated her mother tells her but Beverly insists that with the right ingredients it will all go like clockwork. So, they do the shopping and then start the baking. A phone call pulls mother away from the concocting but Beverly keeps on cooking. When the cake comes out of the oven, it's stuck. The step Beverly skipped while her mother was talking on the phone was the part about greasing the pan. Now, Beverly is truly beside herself and she throws herself on her bed in a state of complete despair. Happily, Beverly's mom had suggested they make the cake the day before the birthday which gives them plenty of time to come back to the kitchen and make something wonderful out of the pieces of cake them have to work with. Instead of lemonade out of lemons, we have something equally wonderful only made out of cake. Mistakes happen and it's what we do with the pieces we have to work with that matter the most. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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