Beverly Billingsly Takes a Bow

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Beverly Billingsly Takes a Bow

Beverly BIllingsley loves to dress up in the costumes that came in her aunt's trunk. She imagines herself as all sorts of characters including the Queen of Mesopotamia. Then, her teacher, Mr. Harrington, announces that the school will be doing a play, Stormy Weather. Beverly rehearses a song for the audition for days and then heads off for the try-outs in the auditorium. She waits through performer after performer, all animals, and finally her turn arrives. But when Beverly takes the stage, her voice has deserted her. Beverly's teacher reassures her and when the parts are announced, she has two: The Wall and the Shrub. But Beverly is not discouraged. She works hard to be the best wall ever, makes a banner and learns every line in the play. When the big night arrives, Beverly finds out there is more than one way to be a star.

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