Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book

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Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book

Today is a very special day for Beverly Billingsley. Today she is getting her very own library card and becoming a member of the library. She will be checking out her first book on her new card. The book she chooses is about the Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period. Beverly takes the book home and uses her imagination to play dinosaurs. Each day she plays a new dinosaur game. Then one morning she wakes up and looks at the calendar and realizes her library book is overdue by one day. Gasp. What will happen to her now? Her friend Sheila assures her she will owe about a thousand dollars. Things proceed downhill from there. But you know, if you do return your book, someone else gets to borrow it and in this case you find out you both love dinosaurs. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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