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"Girls and guys can be friends."  Right?  When Levi moves from California to Wisconsin he is looking to make friends, be popular and maybe even play on the football team.  On his first day at his new school it's Macallan who is assigned to take him around for the school tour.  He doesn't make much of an impression on her.  She's still guarding her feelings after losing her mom.  But in the cafeteria at lunch time when Levi and Macallan figure out that they both love the British comedy show, Buggy and Floyd, a friendship is born.

That friendship keeps on growing as the two spend time together on Wednesday afternoons at Levi's house after school.  They have the kind of relationship that simply works.  They finish each other's sentences and argue and toss the repartee back and forth as though they grew up together.

Everyone expects them to date but Levi starts to date Emily, Macallan's best friend, and then Macallan heads to Ireland for the summer and meets a great guy named Liam.  

By now their famllies are spending Thanksgiving together and their parents accept their friendship.  But things start to turn difficult when their natural rapport instrudes on their other relationships.  

Can a guy and a girl just be friends?  Do Levi and Macallan have deeper feelings for each other?  

A strong female character, Macallan, and a sensitive down-to-Earth guy make for two likeable characters you want to root for.  Light, happily predictable, and satisfying.

Recommended by:  Barb,

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