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Okay, so most of us understand when this author says there are three types of things we wish we hadn't done.

1.  "Things we say we wish we hadn't done, but actually wish we hadn't gotten in trouble for."

2.  "Things we wish we hadn't done quite as much as we did."

3.  Things we wish we really, completely hadn't done."

Iggy is about to do all three kinds of things he will wish he hadn't done.  Well, maybe he won't wish he hadn't done two of them.  Iggy is the kind of guy who comes up with great ideas that very rapidly become plans and then catapult into action.

For his three things he will need a rooftop, some shaving cream, a nice tube of lipstick that looks just like blood and a new desk with tremendous potential.

You're gonna laugh.  You really are.  But, you're also going to realize that this is exactly....absolutely exactly how some kids feel.  Sometimes they feel angry and get tired of being compared to other kids.  Sometimes they feel like no one is paying any attention to them and they get bored and lonely.

Sometimes they just get a great idea and they don't really see around the corners of what might happen when they decide to go for it.

Three events in the life of Iggy make up this story: one at home with his beloved family and another kid who does it all the way the parents want it done; one at home with his "older" sister and her friend;  one at school in a blaze of glory - at least for the time when the idea seemed truly amazing.

Amazing perceptiveness combined with some fabulous ideas of how to handle your problems especially when two girls in your class are going on and on and on about being a flower girl in the upcoming wedding...... this is going to be an arrow to the unsuspecting hearts of some of our Jokesters.  They'll never see it coming!  But they'll love every minute of it.

144 pages                                      978-1984813305                          Ages 8-12


From the New York Times bestselling author of Ivy + Bean comes a hilarious new middle grade series featuring a high-energy, lovable troublemaker.

Meet Iggy Frangi. He's not a bad kid, he's really not. Okay, so he's done a few (a few is anything up to 100) bad things. And okay, he's not very sorry about most of them. People make a big deal about nothing. What's a little pancake here and there? Is that something to get mad about? Iggy doesn't think so. No one got hurt, so there's no problem. No one got hurt except for that one time, that one time when the Best Idea Ever turned into the Worst Idea of All Time.

Iggy is sorry he did it. He is really, really, really sorry.

"For what?" you might ask. "What did he do?"

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out.

Things Iggy will NOT do in this book: Be the most polite kid ever. Play the cello. Think before acting. Learn a lesson. Regret his actions. (Most of them, anyway.)---from the publisher

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