Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

Benjamin Franklin has devoted his life to scientific discovery. Now, in his old age, he has one more experiment to attempt. If successful, he will enter a state of suspended animation and awaken at some point in the future when his talent is needed. Under the watchful eye of a devoted colleague, the venerable scientist attaches the wires that will keep him alive and begins to slumber...

Fast forward two hundred years. Victor Godwin, straight-A student, has been working for months on a project that he calculates will win the mandatory science fair. One night, the young nerd hears a strange noise in the basement of the Philadelphia boarding house run by his mother. The commotion is caused by none other than Franklin, who was awakened by a lightning strike. To Victor's mother's delight, the elderly gentleman rents a room--and pays in gold. However, the young prodigy is not so thrilled--Ben's search for other members of his secret society get them both into some tight spots, his attempts at being helpful result in the destruction of Victor's science project, and the old man at times becomes an uncontrollable monster.

The authors have created a rollicking story sure to please fans of humorous tales. The eighteenth-century-style title page and comic illustrations by Matthew McElligott add to the charm and fun. Readers will be happy to know there are sequels in the works. Ages 10-12 121 pages

Recommended by: Basya Karp, Librarian New York


When orderly and scientifically minded Victor discovers the new tenant in the basement apartment is really Ben Franklin his orderly world spins slightly out of control. Imagine a middle school student dealing with a super energized Inventor. Science fairs have never seen the likes of Ben and Victor. A beginner chapter book with 121 pages, the type font is large, with good leading between lines and lots of white space. The science content may be over the head of a third grade reader, but one could read this book. Best targeted for 4th grade and above, this would be an engaging read for a reluctant reader through middle school.

224 pages

ISBN: 978-0142419359

Recommended by: Barbara Fiehn, Librarian, Kentucky, USA

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