Ben Draws Trouble


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Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan) April 2015

Good news... Ben is back, still riding the bike, still with the hovering black crow and this time wielding his all-powerful drawing implements.

Picture Ben at school.  He is the guy sitting in the back of the room drawing wacky pictures of people instead of listening to what the teacher is talking about.  In Ben's mind and hence on Ben's blank paper the world is filled with excitement, danger and one thrill after another.  

Witness the giant shark witih the very, very sharp, sharp teeth who is seemingly swimming by the classroom window.  Looks like we're one big bite away from no more math homework... ever.

Ben has a sketchbook that he keeps with him at all times.  In that sketchbook are masterful portraits of clssmates and teachers all neatly named so as not to be mistaken for anyone else.

The day comes when Ben races home the long way on his trusty steed/bike, sits down for a health-food afterschool snack and reaches for the sketchbook in his bag.  Only this time the book is not there. Where could it be?  Tension mounts.  The plot thickens.  Ben's goose might be cooked.

Returning to school the next morning it seems many people have developed a great love for art...particularly of sketches in Ben's sketchbook.  Is this the end?  Will Ben find himself in the everlasting detention hall?

Freedom-loving, soaring, life-loving Ben is loose once more on the paths of his town with his wheelie popping cycle and his raggedy guardian crow.  Clearly Ben is innocent of everything but wanting to have fun and squeeze every possible good time out of every tiny moment.  

Hilarious.  Enchanting.  A world with Ben is a very good world for all. We want Ben, we want Ben, we want Ben.... 

978-1596437951   Ages 5-10   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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I like it i guess
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