Ben and Me


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Little Brown 1939

Ben and Me is “the astonishing life of Benjamin Franklin” as told “by his good mouse Amos”.  As the eldest child of poor church mice in Philadelphia, Amos must leave home to fend for himself.  As luck would have it, he finds a home in Ben Franklin’s disreputable fur hat.  Amos is the genius behind the Franklin stove as well as the reason Franklin is a successful diplomat.  Together, they experiment with electricity, then travel to France where Amos heroically leads a rescue mission at court.

This story has a wide range of humor, from dry to slapstick.  The original drawings are delightful, although Amos and the other mice look more like rats than house mice.

I loved this book as a child.  The thought of all those mice traveling in hats-- and wigs-- was so entertaining.  This is an awesome book.

125 pages


Recommended by:  Marjorie Shaw, La Vista Public Library, Nebraska, USA

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