Bedtime For Frances

Bedtime For Frances

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Harper Collins (HarperFestival)

The hands of the clock have arrived at 7:00pm and for Frances, a young badger, that means it's bedtime. She goes through all the usual delaying tactics with her parents patiently and reassuringly responding to each need and concern. There is the glass of milk, the piggyback ride, the kiss goodnight and then she starts to sing her own version of the alphabet song. Most unfortunately when Frances arrives at the letter U she makes up a line about "Underwear , down in the drier..." which makes her think of "T is for tigers" and suddenly she has angst. Is there a tiger in her room? Is that a giant over there in the dark and it's waiting to get her? Her imagination runs wild. Gently and lovingly her parents answer every worry and anxiety. This makes for a nice read aloud for children who have nighttime fears until it arrives at the place where the word spanking appears and now Frances has something that might really happen to her and that seems to give her a boundary and a tool for self-control. It's up to you if you are comfortable with that or not. For this little badger, it makes for a good night's sleep. 32 pages 978-0064434515 Ages 3-7

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