Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens

Okay, Miss Teen Dreamers... Taylor's Texas twang rings out as she takes command of the beauty contestants whose plane has just crashed washing them up on a "deserted" island.  The evening gowns are washing up on the beach, along with the tanning products, eyelash curlers and everything else a girl can't live without.  But these lovelies need a plan and Miss Texas is going to keep the pageant hopes alive as she assigns the girls to search for food, water, and keep an eye out for the rescue team who the pageant officials will be sending forthwith.

This is an absolutely hilarious tilt at every stupid cliche the female sex is constrained by and forced to endure in the name of the corporations who make millions while they sell us an image of ourselves we don't really recognize.  Turns out there is a product for every inch of our bodies if we would stop and pay attention.  We can buy perfection and apparently that should be our goal.

Libba Bray has pulled together every sucker punch we women take on a daily basis and woven it together into a wet your pants hilarious parody of our lives.  Before she turns twelve, every girl should be assigned to either read this or listen to Libba herself read it on audio.  Before she gets sucked into the inanity of the fabricated identity that awaits her, she just might have enough perspective and sense.

The beauty queens take on their sexual identity, female stereotyping, their lack of dreams, living the dreams of someone else, missing out on a real relationship with their mother,  having a chance to figure out who they are without the disturbing and seductive lens of the Corporate message.

Do we really want to define ourselves in terms of our bra size?  Do we really need to pluck and squeeze ourselves into someone else's idea of who we should be?  Is there room in this world for a woman who isn't physically perfect but is the perfect version of herself?

This book is hilarious, thought-provoking and the voice doesn't miss a beat.  I listened to the audio version and Libba Bray, of course, reads it to a tee.  She knows exactly what she wants her characters to sound like.

OMG... this is not to be missed.:)  398 pages  978-0439895989  Ages 13 and up

Recommended by: Barb

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