Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption

In this conclusion to the Beautiful Creatures series Ethan Wate wakes to find himself in an in-between world. He is not fully dead but he is not alive and mortal either. He thought he had made the right choice in order to mend the seams and put everything back in order again but the pain of missing Lena is tearing him apart. As he learns more about his surroundings he finds that many of his relatives from the past are there also and want to help Ethan find a way back to Lena. But can it really be done and if so what is it going to really entail? Meanwhile back in Gatlin, Lena is mourning the loss of Ethan and doing whatever she can to get him back. But that may entail more than she bargained for. Is she willing to endanger the lives of her friends and family and putting trust in her enemies? For Ethan to accomplish his goal he will have to find a way to change his fate which will be more dangerous than even he could imagine. Then Ethan finds a way to communicate with Lena but will she be able to figure out what he is saying and be able to get what he needs? A stunning finale to the Beautiful Creatures series!

ISBN: 9780316123532    451 pages    Ages 14 & up.

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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