Beautiful Darkness: Caster Chronicles, Book 2

Beautiful Darkness: Caster Chronicles, Book 2

After the emotion-filled worry of the first Caster Chronicles novel, Lena's sixteenth birthday has now passed and she gets to claim herself as either a light or dark Caster instead of having the choice made for her.So Ethan is very confused when Lena starts pulling away from him.Instead of working on facing their future together, Lena is too busy making unexpected choices and hanging out with some new “family” members to be with Ethan.Has she already made her decision? Will that choice take her away from Ethan forever?Ethan is a great character, and he is resolved not to let her Lena lose herself in the Caster world.

The atmosphere of the small Southern town is perfect, and you will be captivated by Ethan's desperate struggle to save the love of his life whether or not she still feels the same way about him. (503 pages)

(Book one is Beautiful Creatures)

Recommended by Brandy S. Huffman, Librarian

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