Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, Book 3)


Ethan Wate has always wanted to leave Gatlin as soon as he graduated from high school. Now after meeting Lena and going through strange and impossible events all he wants is his ‘old boring’ town back. Ethan and Lena are back home and now that Lena has turned Light and Dark they are seeing devastation and destruction ravage their town.

There are swarms of locusts, earthquakes, record-breaking heat, and devastating storms that are tearing the town the apart. But to stop the chaos someone or something will have to be sacrificed to save the town of Gatlin.

Someone is haunting Ethan’s dream but this time it is not Lena. Whoever it is, they are not just in his dreams but are following him in real life also. Ethan seems to be forgetting phone numbers, names and everyday things he has known forever. He knows he needs to find the answer to why but is afraid to ask or seek the answer. Who or what is going to be sacrificed to save the town and people? How will the outcome of everything affect Lena and Ethan? How does this all fit in with the Eighteenth Moon?

519 pages             978-0-316-12352-5     Mature readers (ages 14 & up)

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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