Bantam of the Opera

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Bantam of the Opera

Luigi was born a bantam rooster with the heart of an opera star. Every morning as the sun rises and all the other roosters start with the cook a doodle doo stuff, Luigi waxes operatic with his variations on the theme...."Cock ala Kook ala Kick ala Choo he crows. But the head rooster is having none of it...."Read my beak," he snorts to Luigi. Luigi gets the message but struggles to contain his natural ariatic zeal. Then, the day dawns when Luigi hears a radio show that is playing opera and Luigi knows exactly what he was born to do. Oh the joy of Rigoletto. To make matters even better, the farmer's wife hears that an opera company is coming to town and Luigi gets to go along for the ride. It surpasses his wildest dreams. Dare he join in this magnificent production? Dare he add his voice to the illustrious cast? My friends, the plot thickens and there's a rooster in it! Ages 4-7 32 pages

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