Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

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Roaring Brook Press, 2011

First Bad Kitty found out they got a puppy. Bad Kitty did not like the dog and his parents went on vacation. Then Uncle Murray babysat Puppy and Kitty and Bad Kitty did not like it. Puppy and  kitty fought and fought.Their parents came back with a baby. And Bad Kitty did not like the baby.Her friends came over and thought the baby was another kitty.  Bad KItty  wished it was just her again. Did Bad Kitty change her mind? Read the book to find out.

I recommend this book to kids any age even some adults who like animals. 
 5 Stars

Recommended by: Samantha, 3rd Grader, Kentucky USA


Bad Kitty is back once again with another challenge in this very funny story. Bad Kitty has met her biggest challenge yet…the new baby. When Bad Kitty’s owners bring home their newly adopted baby daughter and plunk her down beside the terrified feline, Bad Kitty can’t comprehend what this strange creature might be. Kitty finally decides that the drooling, smelly, noisy creature must be a dog. The neighborhood cats disagree. They’re convinced Baby is actually a cat and hold the Pussycat Olympics to celebrate her arrival. The cats compete in the Stare-At-Yourself-In-A-Mirror-Until-You-Get-Bored competition, the Babbling-On-And-On-Without-Stopping event, the Who-Can-Create-The-Biggest-Stink event, and The-Eating-Contest. Who wins the contests? What will it take for Bad Kitty to accept her new nemesis?

Recommended by Alicia Romans, Librarian, Georgia

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