Bad Guys Book 3 The Furball Strikes Back

Bad Guys  Book  3  The  Furball Strikes Back

Mr. Wolf and his bad buddies have messed with the wrong guinea pig -- one who is secretly an evil mad scientist. And the nasty little furball wants revenge! Will they survive? Will they be heroes? And will they ever stop trying to eat each other?!?

It's time for the Bad Guys to spring into action!--from the publisher

144 pages    978-1338087499    Ages 7-10


10,000 chickens set free by a snake, a pranha, a wolf, and a spider. In other words the bad guys just did something good. So are they villains or heroes?

Now, these Good Guys/Bad Guys are on their way to save a forest from some bulldozers. But when they get to the crime scene, piranha goes off to poop behind a tree, spider stays to watch the car and the ground suddenly opens up and drops the others into the lab of a billionaire mad scientist guinea pig who has a plan to destroy the world.

Now let's see what our heroes are going to do?

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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