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The Bad Beginning, the first volume of the Series of Unfortunate Events is an amazing start to the series. It is about 3 wealthy, quick witted children. The oldest, Violet is an inventor and whenever she ties a bow in her hair, it means she’s thinking really hard. The 2nd oldest, Klaus, is an extraordinary reader. In his short life of 13 years and counting, he has read over 20,000 books on miscellaneous topics. The youngest, Sunny is very young (4 years), but despite her age, she is an excellent chef. One day, these children’s mother and father died in an awful fire, burning down their whole mansion, but Violet is not old enough to inherit the money, so, an evil character named Count Olaf tries and tries over and over again to steal it.

I would recommend this book for people from ages 8-80. The target audience for this book is action seekers, mystery lovers, and people who do not mind being very sad and/or disappointed at times. This book is amazing and thrilling and a wonderful start to a wonderful series.
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