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  • Backyard Sports: Inside Edge (#5)

Backyard Sports: Inside Edge (#5)

Backyard Sports:  Inside Edge (#5)

Tony Delvecchio, Vicki Kawaguchi, Joey MacAdoo, Ernie Steele, Pablo Sanchez and Achmed Kahn are doing battle against Ricky Johnson, Arthur "A.C." Chen, Dante Robinson, Samantha "Sam" Pearce, Pete Wheeler, and Marky Dubois. The first group play on the Penguins and they are currently trailing the second group, the Panthers, by one goal in this hockey game. But Tony Delvecchio is a secret weapon. He has already scored 4 goals and just might win the game by making it five. The Ref for the game is Tony's big brother, Vinnie who plays in an older league. After seeing his little brother shine in this game, Vinnie invites Tony to play with the older boys. How exciting. But, the move up comes with a few price tags. Tony starts finding himself a bit pushed around by the bigger guys and finds himself pulled between the two teams. The big moment of choice comes when both teams end up with a game on the same day and at the same time. What will Tony choose?

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